Stream of Conscience

I partake in a dialogue on how the Lakers need to change in this offseason.  Hint: not much.

I preview the future of the Monta Ellis-less Warriors at the GREAT MAMBINO. Can Steph Curry and Bogut carry this team back into the playoffs? Only if healthy…

I preview the Clippers season and answer whether or not this is finally the year they fight back against their Big Brother, the LA Lakers.

I preview the 2012-2013 of the Evil Empire, the Miami Heat at The GREAT MAMBINO. Check it out!

My latest at GREAT MAMBINO is a passionate rebuttal of the latest Henry Abbott slam of the Lakers over at TrueHoop. I really disagree with him on the impact the trade has as well as the future of the NBA. 

Check this one out folks, I’m especially proud of this post.

As the US plays Argentina for the 3rd straight Olympic semi-finals, we take a break at GREAT MAMBINO from salivating over the Dwight Howard heist trade to debate what Manu’s ceiling might have been if he’d had his own team rather than take a 6th man role on the Spurs. 

My brother’s guest post on the GREAT MAMBINO pens a new nickname for the 2012 US Men’s Basketball team - the Stream Team. Check it out!

Part 1 of the GREAT MAMBINO’s Olympic Primer is an overview of Group A, which houses the US National Team. There’s some good young teams (e.g. France) and some old foes (e.g. Argentina) in our bracket, so it should be an exciting tournament!

I preview the NBA Finals at GREAT MAMBINO. Unfortunately I think the Dark Force prevails this time. 

KOBEsh and I preview the Western Conference Finals. I’m taking Spurs in 7…