Stream of Conscience

I make the case that any talk of amnestying Kobe Bryant is not only hurtful to my emotional state, but also against the best interests of the Lakers organization. #countonkobe

Best moment in the NBA this year. Carlos Boozer accidentally hits a ref where it counts while celebrating an And-1.

Not gonna lie, got a little teary eyed watching this tribute to Dr. Buss

Check out my latest at the GREAT MAMBINO. I return to the blogging life with a eulogy for Dr. Jerry Buss and a reflection on the life/accomplishments of the greatest owner in the history of sports. Rest in peace, Dr. Buss.

I preview the future of the Monta Ellis-less Warriors at the GREAT MAMBINO. Can Steph Curry and Bogut carry this team back into the playoffs? Only if healthy…

I love the NBA

I love the NBA

I preview the Clippers season and answer whether or not this is finally the year they fight back against their Big Brother, the LA Lakers.

I preview the 2012-2013 of the Evil Empire, the Miami Heat at The GREAT MAMBINO. Check it out!

I take on the tough task of ranking the NBA’s myriad tattoos at THE GREAT MAMBINO.

Shaq has his an honorary doctorate now… Just sayin’