Stream of Conscience


From Deadspin:

Manteo Mitchell is an American hero and a man’s man. Running the opening leg of today’s 4x400 qualifying heat, Mitchell felt something go in his leg. Pain? You bet. Enough pain to let down his teammates and his country? Fuck and no.

With about 200 meters left in his lap, Mitchell said he felt a pop in his left leg. He screamedloud enough for spectators to hear, but powered on—finishing in a slow-but-respectable 46.1 seconds, good enough for fifth. His relay teammates picked him up, finishing second and moving on to the final. A few hours later,doctors told Mitchell he had broken his left fibula.

"I figured it’s what almost any person would’ve done in that situation," Mitchell said, being far too modest for a nigh-invincible superman. 

My recap is up at GREAT MAMBINO, including the details of Kobe Bryant’s devastating one man run. Looking forward to Argentina!

2012 players picking Dream Team Top 5. Love that everybody picked Barkley

Part 1 of the GREAT MAMBINO’s Olympic Primer is an overview of Group A, which houses the US National Team. There’s some good young teams (e.g. France) and some old foes (e.g. Argentina) in our bracket, so it should be an exciting tournament!